Primul ”Happy Market” va fi gazduit de Ambasada sâmbătă, 13 prilie, de la ora 16.00. Snacks-urile și băuturile de la mesele colorat împodobite or fi însoțite de haine vintige de primăvară- vară, cărți, decorațiuni.
You will find a large range of colorful tables filled with your future wardrobe, tasty snacks and sparkling drinks – all this will be surrounded by blissful beats of astonishing DJ’an*es.
The Happy Market will be your possibility to buy just for little lei’s everything from old books and study materials (maybe for your coming semester), lovely vintage goods, to second hand clothes.
Do it like the spring – refresh your style and make the little change (also for the climate) – buy something old and fire up a new powerful mix of trendy things.